Benefits of Getting a Degree in Cyber Security

Getting a bachelors in cyber security might be one of the smartest moves you can make for getting ahead in today’s high-tech world. Companies have turned their attention to hiring more professionals who took a computer information major in school and/or obtained a cyber security degree. This is a field that is only going to get larger due in part to the demand for individuals to create and maintain cyber security protocols on servers, networks, and other vulnerable hardware and software applications. Weaknesses can leave companies and private organizations at risk to hackers looking for valuable sensitive information in the form of credit card numbers, email addresses, and trade secrets.

Think of yourself as the line of defense against cyber thieves and criminals who are looking to steal confidential data. There are plenty of reasons why you would fit in perfectly in that world with many benefits that come from getting a degree in cyber security at UC Santa Barbara.

Total Job Security

That is right. A degree in cyber security can pretty much ensure that you remain employed for the long term. With the job outlook for this sector trending up faster than any other information technology (IT) occupations currently being offered to prospective applicants. The demand for professionals trained in this arena is at an all time high, with a 91% increase over the last seven years. But they’re not looking for just any training as applicants with a bachelor’s degree and CISSP certification are the most sought after candidates.

Flexible Training Options

Whether you’re taking an online course or attending a hybrid program at your local university, you can work at your current job and still get a degree in cyber security. It’s a profession that is calling for new students to get the training they need to succeed in the high-tech world in which we live. You can also access this information for lower tuition costs since most of these degrees are offered online and your course materials are provided digitally. No need to buy expensive textbooks and workbooks. The online component also lets you learn on your schedule.

Higher Salary

Cyber security professionals make, on average, nearly 10% more than other IT professionals working with specialized training in a number of fields. Those graduates with a master’s degree can rise up to managerial positions quickly and earn six figures annually. The further up you rise in the ranks of your department, the more you can make, particularly if you prove yourself to be an invaluable member of the team.

Degrees are Important

Whether you’re getting a bachelor’s or a master’s, both are crucial to getting hired. The former is often cited as a minimum educational requirement by most hiring companies and the latter is preferred by a quarter of the firms seeking cyber security professionals. Simply put, a degree can get you hired much faster than going without. Educational background, specialized training, and relevant experience can get your foot in the door at more companies.


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