The Background as the Part Building Theme Paper as a Whole

Every student of course often gets the task to make at least one scientific paper. For most students, making papers is a difficult and feared thing. They often encounter difficulties and based on several surveys, the background of the problem is the part that is often the source of many of these difficulties. The background of a paper usually contains a problem that must be solved through a scientific study. In short, the background of the problem helps each reader to understand why the research (related to the paper) needs to be done.

The background of the paper is a collection of information systematically arranged in terms of an interesting issue to investigate. The background of a paper should be made in a straightforward and easy-to-understand language. Problems arise when the ideal expectation of something does not match the existing conditions (conditions being facing). It usually contains rational and essential reasons on why the author is interested in doing research based on the data, references, and previous research results.

The background can also explain the complexity of the problem (the theme of the paper) which, if left unchecked, will have a difficult, disturbing, even threatening effect. We are speaking in the context of creating a paper that deals with solutions to a problem. Most scientific papers address the solution to a serious problem (related to the field of scholarship studied).

The next point usually describes approaches to overcome and methods deemed to be effective to solve the problem. Steps on how to make a paper background can be seen below.
• At the beginning of the paragraph you can write about an overview of the problem to be the subject of research. Create a kind of reversed pyramid model that discusses the general picture of the problem until it conical at the core to be studied.
• On the body of the paper you can write about facts and data or it could be some explanations of experts with regard to the negative effects of the problem if not addressed immediately. Better still if you can find data from previous researches.
• At the end, you need to write down alternative solutions to solve the problem. The solution of the problem under study is what we will make as the title of the term paper.

Now is the modern era where every student is not only able to find information from the library but also from the Internet. They can even search term papers for sale. We hope this article will help you in preparing term papers for your education.


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