4 Fundamentals That Can Make You a Good Manager

Management is the most crucial thing in any organization. If a company lacks proper management, then it is certain that it is not going to perform wellas it is very important that in an organization everything is proper and managed.

You can easily find career in Wipro, Siemens, Bosch or any other leading company for manager position, but you should have the essentials fundamental skills to become a good manager. No company would want to take risk.They would want to appoint only the best manager for their company.Do you want to be a good manager? Well,a manager’s position has high responsibilities. He has to take care of how employees are performing, how his company should perform for more profit, should be able to motivate others by being a good example etc. The basic fundamentals are discussed below:

  1. Know Your Employees: The most basic and crucial fundamental to be a good manager is to know your employees well. If you want your employees to be productive, honest and trustworthy, then you have to understand them first. You have to take proper time to talk to them and understand their needs, requirements, and expectations. The most important objective of a manager should be to plan things out. One mistake that almost every manager does out there is to not doing things the same way, which they instruct the employees. And remembernot to take credit for what your employee has achieved. You have to let them take credit for what they have achieved and instead you should also encourage them to do better. This helps in building a person’s self-motivation to work harder.
  2. Start Helping Your Employees Grow: You have to help your employees grow and understand what they require. It is a very interesting give-and-take policy.You just have to genuinely respect them and take interest in their career and they too will appreciate it. A simple attitude can define a number of things. Managing your employees is one of the most crucial factors that most of the organizations ignore and this later turns out to be a major reason behind the company’s failure. A successful manager should be able to identify employees’ strengths, abilities, and encourage them to do better and better.


  1. Clarify What You’re Hearing: A good manager should have the quality of hearing to what is told to him by his boss, employees and has the ability to clearly implement it. You just have to end your ego and be polite with everyone and gently ask for your queries. Having questions are very normal and also develops understanding between you and the other person.


But that strictly does not mean to ask unnecessary questions.You have to ask relevant and to the point questions. Don’t ever be afraid to ask questionsjust because you think it would look stupid. Good managers have a sense of knowledge about what’s important. You just have to be open with everyone and make them feel that you are always ready to help them out and if they have any questions or concerns, you’re ready and willing to listen.


  1. Don’t Ever Mix Positive and Negative Feedback

Just make sure that you never mix your comments. If your employee does something appreciable, just don’t mix your feedbacks as your positive feedback often gets overshadowed by the negative feedbacks and has a bad impact on the employee.


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