Towards Becoming AWS Solution Architect

If you are planning to become an AWS Solution Architect then you are right in your decision. It shows that you are serious in your career and want to reach higher at the success ladder. This certification is required to verify the skills of someone who has the skills and expertise when it comes to designing and deploying and managing the operating applications along with taking care of the infrastructure over the AWS platform. If you are planning to go for the AWS Certified Solutions. The fact of the matter is with your hands on experience that can be called as the most crucial thing to act, preparing for this certification is not that tough unlike any other certification.  Well, let’s check how you can become the AWS Certified Solutions Architect professional in the following paragraphs:

AWS Certification Explained

First things first, it’s worth noting the fact that AWS is known to offer three different types of certifications, which are enlisted as under:

  1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect
  2. AWS Certified Developer
  3. AWS Certified SysOps Administrator

Beside these three, each and every certification are known to come along with two levels, which include the Associate and Professional level. It is therefore important to learn that with having an Associate level certification for the AWS, one has to attend the Professional level exam. Many of the people are seen starting with the aws solution architect certificate as it seems to be among the competent foundation for several other certificates and many more than anything, which is all about the architecture rather than the implementation.

All about the Exam

If you talk about the AWS solution certification, you can appear for the same over the site testing centers. The exam comprises of 60 questions which is at times a multiple response question and answer paper and that has to be answered within 80 minutes and the passing score for the same is 65 percent. So, as per the experience of the experts, there is certainly no trick questions as a majority of the questions are known to have one possible answer. The time given for you is absolutely sufficient as these can be easily answered to all the question within half an hour. Apart from all these questions that are given to the details of any single service and a majority of the questions are included with the scenario based wherein some set of the services were earlier used to sort out the business case.

Exam in Nutshell 

If you look at this exam pertaining to the AWS solution architect, these are divided into four different sections:

Designing the most available, inexpensive, fault tolerant and scalable systems which comprises of 60% of the subject

The Implementation and the Deployment part comprises of 10%

The Data Security comprises of 20%

The Troubleshooting that comes to around 10%

The first section is compulsory for the test. This is where you can find the questions regarding the building modern cloud based systems with the help of AWS. The questions in this section are based on the real-world examples that helps in introducing the issues that can be sorted out.

In the Implementation/Deployment and Troubleshooting section mainly ask for the basic facts/ problems, which are simple to answer using AWS.

The Data Security questions are too often the problematic aspect of this exam however, if you are able to have a good understanding of security processes you can easily crack this test as well.

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